The Significance of self?

Last week we had some interesting discussions around “self significance” – and looking at it side by side with “it’s all about me.”

In our dialogues, we uncovered some remarkable seeming contradictions and subtle distinctions between those concepts.

(While voicing how curious it is to observe/ explore these ideas with words that don’t even begin to convey what people are trying to express!)  Have you had any further thoughts or insights about “big ‘s’/ little ‘s’ self ” significance or “big ‘m’/ little ‘m’ me” ??  Do you think making a distinction between self and Self/ me and Me is helping you to discern any deeper insights?

How about the idea that sometimes people feed their sense of self significance by making themselves “less than” others – treating themselves poorly to think well of themselves?

And who is this “self” about whose significance we wonder?!