Oneness Four Baskets Process – July 2, 2011

Oneness Four Baskets Process

July 2, 2011

1:30 pm – 7:00 pm

In the Waterville/Augusta area (location TBA)

$40 per person ($25 for deeksha givers)

(bring a friend  & pay ½ price –ask for details @ registration)


How would your life be different, if from the first spark of existence you knew only

love with no conditions?

How do you imagine this would change your experience of life?

• in your relationships?

• in your work?

• with your health?

• with your community?

• with the world?

The Four Baskets refers to a period of development from the first spark of life at conception through shortly after birth. There were many happy and not-so-happy moments during this timeframe. The not-so-happy ones may have profound influence on the way we perceive the world, as we are affected by the subtleties of our parents’ emotional states, attitudes and life experiences during conception, our development in the womb, and the birthing process.

These experiences can lead to unconscious obstacles impeding our flowing through life with the fullest of ease and Grace.

The Four Baskets Process offers the opportunity to become free of unconscious influences blocking us, so that we may open to experience and celebrate life more fully, from our natural state of peace and joy!

FMI and to register for class: elizabeth-at-integralreal-dot-com


Bhagavan on Children Suffering because of Parents’ Actions…

Q.) Bhagavan, why is it that children have to suffer because of parents actions? In such situation what should the children do?

SRI BHAGAVAN: “So you must remember that the parent was also once a child only. So he was traumatized by his parents. So this goes on from generation to generation. It could have happened to your great grand father, from him to your grand father, then your father, then to yourself. It gets transfers like that, that kind of behaviour, that kind of attitude, then it goes on. Ultimately if you probe deeply nobody is responsible, because whatever you are it is because of the kind of things which happened during pregnancy for you.

Basically it starts with what thoughts your parents had before conception during the act of conception and what happened in the womb which we call the four baskets and what were your mother’s thoughts when you were in the womb, what were your father’s thoughts, then as you were being delivered, what was your response to the delivery, and then after delivery what happened, what comments they made all that is registered in your unconscious which we can go back and see. So these are the things which are controlling you. So you have no freedom, your father does not have freedom, nobody has got freedom. There is no free will at all. But we have the illusion of free will therefore enjoy it. You think you are free, enjoy it. But the truth is you are not free. But You can’t do anything about it. That’s all there is to life. But if you understand it, you will get some freedom and it is possible to change some things. That is we can change the script. Of course it must be done in a process. But otherwise we are controlled by this program. So, but if you realize we have been controlled, there is no choice because you know you have been controlled. Where there is no choice, Surrender. Where there is surrender what do you have? You have freedom. If you truly realise there is no free will there is total freedom, it’s a paradox, opposite.

If you think you have a free will then you think, O.K I should do this, I should do that, you are confused. Suppose you go to a supermarket and you find number of soaps there, you are confused which soap to buy. All the things you have seen on the television, its going on pulling you this way, that way that way. Therefore there is no freedom at all for you, it’s a struggle. But suppose you have seen only one soap and that soap alone is there, is there any problem? So this is the problem with people. Don’t forget this-

“Where there is choice, there is no freedom”

“Where there is no choice there is freedom”

And no choice means you realize there is no free will. Just flowing, life is. You did not choose where you are born. You did not choose your job as you imagine. The program made you do all those things. If you realize this you are a free person, you are liberated, you are a muktha.

What is Oneness?

What is this World Changing Phenomenon that is helping people of all faiths and paths move into higher states of consciousness?

There is an amazing world changing Phenomena that is occurring to humanity at this time. Over a hundred million people across the planet are experiencing this Divine Phenomenon known as Deeksha which starts a profound process of spiritual awakening in a person.


Oneness University is the birth place of this Divine Phenomenon that is helping millions of people move into higher states of consciousness.


Oneness offers courses and programs throughout the world to help people from all paths, faiths, and walks of life to grow into the natural state a human being is built to be in, a state that is one with all that is.


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