Living in the Flowered Heart: REAL-izing Divine Presence in Your Life

Living in the flowered heart is living in the full flow of grace of the Divine Presence; your heart is fully opened to the full flow of Grace in every moment.

When you are REAL-izing the Divine Presence in every aspect of your life, you are in a close, strong, loving relationship with YOUR Divine.

In this class, Elizabeth & Mahaal share processes to support your own experience of the Divine Presence being extraordinarily, tangibly in your life.

The flowered heart is the heart of an awakened being. This state includes the end of psychological suffering; the quieting of the chattering mind; the experience of deep, immovable peace; spontaneous outpourings of causeless joy; and love beyond all limitations, in a fully sustaining state, and made manifest as your way of life.

This is a one-day (9 hours) class ~ $75 course fee.

For more information, contact Elizabeth @ 207-692-6327

Oneness Awakening Course at UOTS

Facilitated by Mahaal Ajallahb and Elizabeth Barron
September 21-22, 2012

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Sponsored by Unity of the Seacoast, Rollinsford, NH

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For more information, contact: Kristi Borst, 207-646-8988

Unity of the Seacoast, 3 Front St, Salmon Falls Lower Mill Bldg, Rollinsford, NH

This is an intensive weekend focused on Awakening to Oneness.

The Oneness process opens up our hearts and senses to experience more fully the richness of life in all of its manifestations, from the immediacy of the present moment into timeless transcendence with the Divine.

Learn a practice for awareness and happiness in your inner and outer life
Deepen your experience of Divine Grace
Learn teachings and experience the Oneness Deeksha to help you:

  • Establish an intimate, personal relationship with the Divine
  • Heal your relationships with self and others
  • Lead you to Awakening and God Realization
  • And more~~~

Experience the sacred phenomenon of Mukthi Deeksha
Be initiated as a Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver