Four Baskets and Healing Your Relationships Classes

Oneness Four Baskets Process ~AND~ Healing Your Relationships Class

October 27, 2012

will be held at the Maple Hill Farm Inn in Hallowell

$40 per person for each class ($75 if you attend the full day)

Four Baskets Class 8 am-noon; Healing Your Relationships Class 1 pm-5 pm

How would your life be different, if from the first spark of existence you knew only love with no conditions?

How do you imagine this would change your experience of life?

• in your relationships?

• in your work?

• with your health?

• with your community?

• with the world?

The Four Baskets refers to a period of development from the first spark of life at conception through shortly after birth. There were many happy and not-so-happy moments during this timeframe. The not-so-happy ones may have profound influence on the way we perceive the world, as we are affected by the subtleties of our parents’ emotional states, attitudes and life experiences during conception, our development in the womb, and the birthing process.

These experiences can lead to unconscious obstacles impeding our flowing through life with the fullest of ease and Grace.

The Four Baskets Process offers the opportunity to become free of unconscious influences blocking us, so that we may open to experience and celebrate life more fully, from our natural state of peace and joy!

SAME DAY!     Healing Your Relationships Class

Bring awareness and healing to the core issues informing ALL of your relationships.

Relationship with Self ~ Relationship with Parents ~ Relationship with Partners ~ Relationship with the Divine

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