Will we see you at the Awakening into Oneness class at Kripalu, Dec. 14-16?!


Awakening into Oneness – 3 Day Silent Retreat


Join Oneness Guide Doug Bentley at Kripalu December 14–16, 2012


There is a phenomenon on our planet today that is helping humanity awaken to higher consciousness. It has assisted millions of people worldwide to move into abiding states of inner peace and oneness. This divine energy transfer, known as deeksha, ignites an automatic journey of spiritual awakening.


In this powerful, silent retreat, participants from all paths, beliefs, and walks of life undergo ancient, sacred spiritual processes to get deeply in touch with divine energies and move into awakened states. This retreat includes

  • Potent teachings to help you grow in awareness
  • Ancient practices that help release emotional blocks
  • Hands-on divine energy transfers (deeksha)
  • Sacred Oneness Meditations to free you from conflicted mind
  • An initiation ceremony to become a Deeksha giver.


Oneness Guide Doug Bentley invites you to become an awakened being yourself and help in humanity’s shift in consciousness from divisiveness to Oneness.