Guests on Awakening Teleconference, February 27, 2013


Please join us for an evening of awakening, our special guests Elizabeth Barron and Mahaal Ajallahb.

The conference call begins at 6:30pm PST / 9:30pm EST.

We will spend the last 10 minutes of the call receiving a powerful Awakened Deeksha for our personal and collective awakening by Elizabeth & Mahaal.

We welcome all the Awakened Ones to join Elizabeth & Mahaal from 7:20pm ~ 7:30pm to give Awakened Deeksha together for a very powerful experience 🙂

Dial In Number (805) 399-1200

Participant Code: 826151

Playback Number is (805) 399-1299

The Ultimate Discovery

First, we become awakened and become empty. Once you are empty, it is possible for the presence to take over. To be empty is one thing. To be taken over by the presence is something else. You may be empty, but you may not have love or joy. Once you are empty and the presence has taken over, there will be love and joy, unconditional love and unconditional joy. Thereafter the presence takes you into higher states. You move into higher states and you would discover that the presence is God. You move into still higher states where you discover that you are that God. The ultimate discovery is that you and the presence are one.  ~Sri Bhagavan

“Get Your Awakening On!” in Rollinsford, NH

“Day of Grace – Shifting into Awakening” at Unity of the Seacoast in Rollinsford, NH

Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Register here: Event Brite

Elizabeth Barron and Mahaal Ajalahb, who have recently been declared by Oneness University as Awakened, will be leading this service.

We will join together for a Oneness Awakened Deeksha  with Elizabeth and Mahaal, followed by a Oneness Meditation by Mahaal. It will be a very, very powerful experience sharing the Grace as we join humanity on the journey of awakening.

Thanks to our Divine for this beautiful experience at UOTS and thank you to Elizabeth and Mahaal for sharing your beautiful state’s of awakened consciousness with us.

Namaste. Suggested donation is $10.00

Bring family and friends!

Questions/comments please contact Unity of the Seacoast – Pam Roberts @ 207-351-6697