Ancestral Healing Process in Central Maine

Ancestral Healing Process

with Elizabeth and Mahaal

 in Waterville, ME on Saturday, 24 August 2013

at the Hospice Community Center ~ 304 Main Street ~ Waterville, ME 04901


 Throughout history and prehistory, there has been an awareness about the important role of the Ancestors in our lives. Many cultures have practices that incorporate this awareness.

Here in the Golden Age through Oneness, we have a golden opportunity to assist our Ancestors so that they can better assist us for the highest benefit of ~ALL~ involved.

The teachings and processes of Oneness now impart to us how we can assist our Ancestors so they can help us in a myriad of ways for a better life, on many levels.

By way of our Personal Divine & Divine Intelligence we will access technologies based on the premise of Oneness.

Benefits will be experienced in all aspects of our lives: karmically, in our relationships, financially, in our health and wellness, with our children, grand children and much more.

The benefits of this process also affect humanity’s liberation and all the promises of Oneness.

This process is open to all – previous experience with Oneness processes is not necessary.

9 hour program. (8 am – 5 pm) $80.00 per person. August 24th. In WATERVILLE, ME

Preregistration required:

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