What shifted?

What DID shift, to bring me out of the hurtful loop of abusive behavior I had programmed myself into?

I mentioned earlier that I started to explore all sorts of consciousness-expanding modalities. Let me be very clear: I’m not talking drugs. That sh*t is never worth it. As near as I can tell, NO lasting benefits will occur using chemical mind-altering substances, and the side-effects and collateral damage can be brutal.

I’m talking about tapping into the wisdom that ALL of creation is energy, and exploring ways of “working with” that energy, and the amazing and limitless things one becomes aware of, in those experiences. I mentioned some of the avenues I explored, in an earlier post. Each one brought me new insights, new expansions. And ONE approach, ultimately, has proven to me to be simple and direct and immediate and continually expansive.

It is the approach of Oneness Consciousness, and specifically, the processes that I have learned at an incredible little spiritual school in southern India, called Oneness University.  I will speak of these experiences and processes as we continue our conversations, here. Right now, I just want to say this:

FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE (so, this is not someone *telling* me this, this is me *experiencing* this for myself), there is only ONE of “us,” “here.”  EVERYTHING that we see/ experience/ interact with/ conceive of – EVERYTHING arises out of this ONE.  I use the word Consciousness. Sometimes I’ll say the Divine. Universal Consciousness. God/Goddess. Source. Love. Life.  I will use these words interchangeably, because it is my experience and perspective that they all refer to the same thing.

If you feel a connection with any one of those terms, or have another term that you use to refer to that which is MOST SACRED, MOST SPECIAL, the SOURCE of all that is – then use that term for yourself.

In these conversations, it is never about me preaching or teaching some type of religious approach to you. I am always going to be encouraging you to deepen your own experience, your own connection, your own bond, with your own Divine.  Because THAT is what has shifted *my* life – and, I’d love to share that shift with you.

I’ll repeat that. What shifted for me, is establishing, developing, and deepening a bond with *my* Divine.  And I will certainly talk more about that, as we go on…

Do you have a connection with your Divine? Do you use a term other than those I’ve referred to, above, for that which is most special/ most sacred to you?  Tell me about it in the comments.

And thanks for walking with me for these steps in my journey… I am glad you’re here.


☛ Frank and Ernest by Bob Thaves: “Paradigm Shift”, originally published on February 26, 1998. © 1998 by Thaves.