And Why Are We Talking About This?

(not sure why all my post titles are questions, lately – but there it is!)

I’m talking about this all, because I believe that life is meant to be happy. And the only one who can make one’s life happy, is one’s self. And by self, I am not talking about ego or personality – I am actually back to referring to Source. the Divine. Some folks call it the higher self.

Do you get it? I am saying it takes DIVINE INTERVENTION to be a happy person, living a happy life, building happy communities, making happy choices, and, ultimately, creating a happy world.

And now you’re laughing, right?!  Damned straight it’ll take “Divine Intervention” to create a happy world. Have you seen the world lately?  Not a whole lot of happy getting talked about, is there?!

And when most folks talk about “Divine Intervention,” they’re talking about something unlikely. Something out of reach. Something unrealistic.

And that’s where what I’m talking about diverges from that kind of mindset and belief system. Because my experience is that Divine Intervention is simple and immediate and transformational. And I want to share that experience, and these insights with you, so that you can have this experience, too (or deepen the experiences of this that you are already having).

IT IS TIME TO CREATE THAT HAPPY WORLD. NOW.  That’s why I’m talking about this.  It’s time to emerge from the paradigm of misery, and emerge into the paradigm of love.

Are you having experiences of Divine Intervention? Or maybe you call your experiences of shift something else… Tell me about it in the comments.

(c) 2005 Bill Keane Inc.

(c) 2005 Bill Keane Inc.