Have no doubt that the process is ON!

One thing has become clear (well, many things have become clear – clarity is certainly a part of this evolution, on many, many levels!). The clarity of today’s topic is that this evolution is NOT going to seem like a linear experience.  It is not – or should I clarify: it does not SEEM like it is – steady, constant or always moving in what one would think was the “right direction.”

Amazing moments and weeks and months of clarity, joy, bliss, and miraculous insights can seem to suddenly disintegrate into inexplicable confusion, pain, sorrow: an experience that feels as if you’ve “fallen out” of what ever it felt like you were “in.”  It can be jarring. And it can seem devastating, if you fall into the story that somehow you are separated from the experience of Oneness. That you are doing something wrong. That you have somehow been abandoned. That God/ the Universe/ Life/ Love somehow have let you down, or, even worse, are just plain out to get you.

But the truth is, *WHATEVER* you are experiencing, IS your process.  What isn’t helping you, is the perception that it is *not* the process, that somehow you are not being supported in the awakening/ expansions/ or fully living in the present moment of Oneness.

From a narrow, ego-centered perspective, life is erratic, painful, full of suffering, punishing experiences, toxic environments… You establish expectations, live life by “rules” you decide are true, and then feel beat-up, put-upon and betrayed when the expectations are not met, and rules seem to be unbending or broken.

And then we frequently respond to this “falling out” with what is not actually useful – adopting behaviors to try to “manage” the pain and suffering, or spending countless hours (and dollars) to “figure out” the source of our suffering.  I tell you (again, from my own, personal experience!) a profound and useful and imminently effective awareness is shared in this teaching:

Q: What is the best course to follow when one encounters suffering. Bhagavan, please also give us more clarity on what is “running away from

Sri Bhagavan: Well! There is no need to give clarity on running away from suffering, because you are doing it all the time. Whenever you say ‘I am suffering,’ it means you are running away from suffering. Because if you could turn around and confront the suffering, soak in it, embrace it, fall in love with it, be with it, accept it, do all these things. Then, see for yourself what happens!

“Fall in love” with suffering?!  That hardly sounds like an endearing process. But a phenomenal thing occurs when we stop trying to distract ourselves from what we are experiencing as pain and suffering, and simply sink into the fullness of the experience.  Does it seem hard and painful? Yes. AND, by invoking your Divine into the process/ realizing that your Divine is present in the process, it is possible. Do-able. Be-able. Survivable.

How do you invoke your Divine into such a process? How do you even feel connected with a “Divine” strongly enough to *want* to invoke your Divine, especially if you’re suffering, and questioning if there really *IS* a God? And if the Divine is always present, why should you have to “invoke” it?

We’ll go into this process, and what I mean when I say “invoke the Divine,” as we continue our convo….

How do you feel about “soaking in” your suffering?  How about “invoking the Divine?”  Leave me a comment…