Shift Into Awakening

“Love and life are one in the same.” – Mahaal Ajallahb

    The wisdom, compassion, and unbridled love that flowed from Mahaal Ajallahb were astounding. As I listened to his wise words and gazed into his compassionate, passionate eyes, it was clear that he practiced what he preached. For him, love and life are, in fact, the same. He explains that the mind, in its present state, depends on conflict. He is fervently committed to awakening humanity to experiencing complete and permanent freedom from our overactive, conflicted minds, so that we can live in peace in each moment. In a short discussion I had with him after the event, it was clear that he accepted and even welcomed all; that he had been released from judgment and conflict. During the eye gazing exercise, his body trembled as it struggled to hold the expansive, soulful energy that flowed through him, and into all who were graced with his presence. He truly is a man of great joy and abundant love.

The above is an excerpt from an article about an event Mahaal participated in on June 29, 2013…

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