Are We Willing to be Happy?

How willing are we to experience the shift in consciousness that will bring us this experience of happy?

Are we open to living a happy life? Look at the mindsets and belief systems we perpetuate about happiness:
  • Why are you smiling?
  • Why are you laughing?
  • What’s so funny?
  • Don’t be too happy, the other shoe will drop.
  • As happy as you are, you must endure as much sorrow.
What other stories have you grown up with, about being happy? About expressing joy?
So when we say we are willing to live happy lives, how much is actually standing between the declaration and the experience?
And then we decide, we “set our minds to” being happy – and this is never the way to experience the genuine happiness that is the true nature of our being.
This emerging happiness is not of the mind. Genuine happiness cannot come from the mind.
It arises from the higher consciousness we are now opening ourselves to.
When we focus on our growth in consciousness, all of the emotions that are coming up, we recognize they are passing experiences – it is not a falling out of grace – the experience comes/ goes, and we simply grow in grace & awareness. Our very way of functioning shifts in a major way.
Are you willing to use the mind instructively, and stop being used by the mind.
Look at, examine, and ask to be shown more about your willingness for these experiences.