Upcoming Life Mastery Course Series – begins 11/11/2015!

Are you feeling stuck? Uninspired? Frustrated?

  • Is work feeling too work-y?
  • Fun feeling forced?
  • Life feeling unfocused?
  • Love feeling out of reach?

Congratulations! You are TOTALLY READY for a major transformation in your life!
Elizabeth is offering a six-week Life Mastery and the Flowering Heart Group beginning November 11, 2015.
Contact Elizabeth if you are interested in more information: integralreal(at)gmail(dot)com


This is a 6 week series of 2 hour live &/or virtual sessions (in person or via skype) to address healing and clearing in all aspects of our lives.

Class fee for entire series is $320. Group size is limited to 7.

This is an experiential class, with deepening processes to address issues of being ontrolled by the conflicted mind; addressing the core issues behind frustrations in the areas of health, wealth, wellness, happiness, relationships, and more.  The focus is transforming your life in the flow of Divine Grace.



 All problems – whether at the individual level, family, society, nations of the world – ultimately can be traced to the sense of separation in the individual.  When this goes, there is complete oneness.  We need a new generation of human beings with a new outlook and a new sense of being world citizens concerned with everything living on earth.  It is each individual’s responsibility to make this happen.  Sri Amma Bhagavan say “Individual transformation leads to global transformation”. When the individual achieves oneness with oneself, he/she would experience oneness with other, with nature and ultimately with the Divine.