Today’s Challenge: See how judgmental you are.
See how many things that happen throughout your day that your first thought about them is “that’s good,” or “that’s bad.” (or some other more colorful language that roughly equates…)
Right now: Bring your awareness into your heart. Breathing in, see your heart filling in bright, sparkling light. Breathing out, this light expands through every cell of your Be-ing. Breathing in, your heartlight grows ever brighter. Breathing out, your heartlight expands. Move in this light throughout your day.
Then, notice what unfolds during the day. Look at your reactions to/ interactions with people, places, things, events. Does *everything* get a good/bad-type assignment in your mind? (sometimes maybe shared with the people around you?!)
THAT’S IT. Just notice. You’re not going to try to change how you react. Being Judgmental is neither good nor bad (😉) Just notice.
Each time you notice, quietly take another deep breath into your heart. And a slow breath out. And keep moving on with your day.
Annnnd: Go!

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