Gently and Strong

buoyed reflective sparkle introspect

Today’s Challenge: Be gentle with your heart, today.

Even  as we find a sense of flow and the underlying joy of life, pains and sorrows and pressing concerns can loom large, and seem overwhelming. Sometimes, we try to ignore or “muscle through” feelings of being down, of being sad. Sometimes we wear our grief as a heavy mantle over our hearts, and trudge through our day just to get it done. Sometimes, we are just plain tired. Of. It. All.

Today, let’s give ourselves space to feel what we are feeling, and hold it all in love. Let’s find the strength of being gentle with ourselves.

Bring your awareness to your heart. Notice how you are feeling. Take a deep, slow breath into your heart. Experience your heart being filled and surrounded with gentle, loving, care. Slowly exhaling, allow yourself to relax into that gentle, loving, care.

Breathing in, your heart fills with bright, strong light, enfolding you in a gentle, loving embrace. Breathing out, every cell of your being is filled with this bright, strong light.

Rest here for a while –> Let yourself feel all your feels. And let it be ok. Let your loving heartlight hold you strong with loving, caring, nurturing,*sparkling* light.

Take another deep, strong, breath in. And a slow, gentle, breath out. Let your heartlight lift  you up and carry you through your day.

Annnnnd: Go!