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Today’s Challenge: Feel and experience gratitude for your ancestors.

We have not arrived here alone! These bodies we wear are the result of our ancestors’ dna.  There is *much* that we inherit, programmed into this dna that has shaped itself into the “I” we think we are.

Whether or not you know/knew your biological ancestors – Whether or not you feel that you have/had good experiences with them – Today shine your heartlight on them.

Bring your awareness into your heart. Breathing in, see your heart filling in bright, sparkling light. Breathing out, this light expands through every cell of your Be-ing. Breathing in, your heartlight grows ever brighter. Breathing out, your heartlight expands.

Take a few moments in this light, and call forth your ancestors into your heart. Parents, grandparents – maybe even further back. Bring those who have come before you, into your heartlight. As you breathe, see them filling with light. Express your gratitude to those present in your heart, and wish them well. Allow yourself to remain with this experience for some time. If you encounter any resistance in this process, simply notice that.

Take another deep breath into your heart – experiencing gratitude for yourself. And express a grateful breath out.

Move in your heartlight throughout your day.  Annnnd: Go!

Photo by Mario Purisic on Unsplash