Is the World too Cold?

rounded earth raysSometimes the world just seems too cold!

Bring your awareness to your heart. Breathe in, deeply. Notice how you are feeling.

Does the world seem too cold?  Breathe out, deeply.

On the next deep inhale, bring your image of the whole world into your heart. See, feel, imagine, experience your heart – and the world – filling with clear, bright, warm, golden light. Hold your breath for a few moments, and experience the light and warmth building in the heart of your being.

Exhale slowly. See, feel, imagine, experience every cell of your being, every living cell of the world, getting gently washed with the expanding golden light.

Repeat this deep breathing and visualization a few times. Then let your breathing return to its own pattern.

Smile gently into your heart, and move in this WARM golden light throughout the day.


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