Continuation ~ Reunion


Deep down, we know that birth is not a beginning, but a continuation. We acknowledge that death is not an ending, but a continuation. Our hearts know the truth: Life itself is eternal. Taking form in this human shape is but one experience we can have in the vastness of life, expressing itself.

“Who Am I?” We live our life in this inquiry.

There is great joy when we have the experience of this truth: We ARE the light of life. The light of life is who we truly are. When we accept and allow this truth, the light of life emanates forth from the center of our being, lighting the world.

This body that is born and grows and gets worn and weary – this body is a temporary suit we step into for these experiences that we call life. It is not *who* we are – and it is not meant to *limit* who we are. This body, and the consciousness that comes with it, provide a context for our experience of life.

And discovering who we are – beyond these bodies, beyond these thoughts and beliefs, beyond the personalities and self-concepts we have cultivated – remembering who we truly are, is the joyous reunion of Self to Source.