Journey Into Awakening

CLASS on TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2019 – from 10:30 am-10:30 pm

We are deep in preparations for the One Day Journey into Awakening/ Happiness  – perhaps you are feeling that you are in preparation, as well?!  

Are you feeling called to a place of centering and self-care? Here is one amazing way to respond!

Signing up for this retreat, you are signing up to a deep and loving commitment to yourself! And the shifts and transformations begin from the time you sign up.

There are still a few spots left!  Register here:

This day is self-care in its deepest, most fulfilling sense. It will bring you the opportunity to experience the deep stillness that resides in the center of your being – to transform some of the issues and patterns that have been keeping you stuck, stressed, and in inner and outer conflict – and to step into the flow of life and living that brings great joy, happiness, peace, relief from suffering – and success in a way you may never have thought of or experienced success before.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for the day of the Retreat:

* You must be on time!  And your commitment to yourself is to stay for the entire program. Arrive by 9:45 am to register and get oriented to the layout of the event center, and get settled in. The class will begin at 10:30 am.

* The class is scheduled to end at 10:30 pm, however, it is likely that we will finish earlier than that.

* Only water is allowed in the Carriage House, where the program is being held. No food should be brought into/ consumed in this space – consider this our sanctuary for the day.

* There will be several breaks during the day – fresh fruit and light snacks, along with coffee and teas will be available. Lunch/Dinner break will consist of a buffet with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. (This is provided as a part of your registration fee.)

* If you have special health needs, please bring what you need to keep yourself well.

* Remember to dress comfortably!  Layers are helpful, to help keep you at a comfortable temperature in the event space. If you want to take your shoes off during the program, make sure to have some comfy, warm socks or slippers for your feet.


* You might want to bring a blanket or shawl, in case it is cool in the room. You can also roll it up and use it for additional back support while sitting in your chair.

* You could also bring a cushion to place in your chair to make your seat more comfortable.

* If you think you would like to sit on the floor for some part of this process, bring a cushion or mat or backjack for your comfort.

* Bring a notebook and pen.

* Bring a refillable water bottle if you would like – there will be glasses available, as well.

It is a long day. There are still rooms at the Inn – right where the event is being held!

Overnight accommodations available at Maple Hill for Monday and/or Tuesday nights – reservations can be made online at or call Innkeeper directly at 1-800-622-2708. Mention that you are attending the Journey Into Awakening program with Mahaal and Elizabeth.

(Additional hotel rooms available at the Augusta Quality Inn, 3 miles from the Conference Center, right off Rt 95. (Exit 109)  (Other great hotels in the area, too – Senator Inn, Homewood Suites, Hampton Inn, and more!))


All the best,

Elizabeth and Mahaal

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