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  • Shine the light of love on the world

    Shine the light of love on the world

    Bring your awareness into your heart. Breathing in, see your heart filling in bright, sparkling light. Breathing out, this light expands through every cell of your being. Breathing in, your heartlight grows ever brighter.Breathing out, your heartlight expands. Now visualize … Continue reading →

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  • In the Spirit of Hope & Healing

    In the Spirit of Hope & Healing

    Let us begin anew. Eyes towards the great, compassionate Light of Life. Underneath it all – and/or is it over-arching all? – is the vibrant, nurturing energy of Life. The Great Compassionate Light. How do we see through the challenges, … Continue reading →

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  • hm… 2020.

    What can we say? Are you feeling supported in this wild and crazy ride? Don’t forget to breathe! And join our happiness meditations each Wednesday on Zoom. (Check out our [Work with Us] page!!

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  • Feeling Hurt

    Our days take on the timbre of our inner state of being. If we are feeling hurts and pains – physical, emotional, or spiritual – the whole day can feel hurt-full. Interactions with others can feel hurtful. Our very thoughts … Continue reading →

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  • Gathering

    Community Gathering and Divine Light Meditation with Elizabeth and Mahaal June 3, 2018, noon-2:30 pm More info/ register here  

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