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And Why Are We Talking About This?

(not sure why all my post titles are questions, lately – but there it is!)

I’m talking about this all, because I believe that life is meant to be happy. And the only one who can make one’s life happy, is one’s self. And by self, I am not talking about ego or personality – I am actually back to referring to Source. the Divine. Some folks call it the higher self.

Do you get it? I am saying it takes DIVINE INTERVENTION to be a happy person, living a happy life, building happy communities, making happy choices, and, ultimately, creating a happy world.

And now you’re laughing, right?!  Damned straight it’ll take “Divine Intervention” to create a happy world. Have you seen the world lately?  Not a whole lot of happy getting talked about, is there?!

And when most folks talk about “Divine Intervention,” they’re talking about something unlikely. Something out of reach. Something unrealistic.

And that’s where what I’m talking about diverges from that kind of mindset and belief system. Because my experience is that Divine Intervention is simple and immediate and transformational. And I want to share that experience, and these insights with you, so that you can have this experience, too (or deepen the experiences of this that you are already having).

IT IS TIME TO CREATE THAT HAPPY WORLD. NOW.  That’s why I’m talking about this.  It’s time to emerge from the paradigm of misery, and emerge into the paradigm of love.

Are you having experiences of Divine Intervention? Or maybe you call your experiences of shift something else… Tell me about it in the comments.

(c) 2005 Bill Keane Inc.

(c) 2005 Bill Keane Inc.

What shifted?

What DID shift, to bring me out of the hurtful loop of abusive behavior I had programmed myself into?

I mentioned earlier that I started to explore all sorts of consciousness-expanding modalities. Let me be very clear: I’m not talking drugs. That sh*t is never worth it. As near as I can tell, NO lasting benefits will occur using chemical mind-altering substances, and the side-effects and collateral damage can be brutal.

I’m talking about tapping into the wisdom that ALL of creation is energy, and exploring ways of “working with” that energy, and the amazing and limitless things one becomes aware of, in those experiences. I mentioned some of the avenues I explored, in an earlier post. Each one brought me new insights, new expansions. And ONE approach, ultimately, has proven to me to be simple and direct and immediate and continually expansive.

It is the approach of Oneness Consciousness, and specifically, the processes that I have learned at an incredible little spiritual school in southern India, called Oneness University.  I will speak of these experiences and processes as we continue our conversations, here. Right now, I just want to say this:

FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE (so, this is not someone *telling* me this, this is me *experiencing* this for myself), there is only ONE of “us,” “here.”  EVERYTHING that we see/ experience/ interact with/ conceive of – EVERYTHING arises out of this ONE.  I use the word Consciousness. Sometimes I’ll say the Divine. Universal Consciousness. God/Goddess. Source. Love. Life.  I will use these words interchangeably, because it is my experience and perspective that they all refer to the same thing.

If you feel a connection with any one of those terms, or have another term that you use to refer to that which is MOST SACRED, MOST SPECIAL, the SOURCE of all that is – then use that term for yourself.

In these conversations, it is never about me preaching or teaching some type of religious approach to you. I am always going to be encouraging you to deepen your own experience, your own connection, your own bond, with your own Divine.  Because THAT is what has shifted *my* life – and, I’d love to share that shift with you.

I’ll repeat that. What shifted for me, is establishing, developing, and deepening a bond with *my* Divine.  And I will certainly talk more about that, as we go on…

Do you have a connection with your Divine? Do you use a term other than those I’ve referred to, above, for that which is most special/ most sacred to you?  Tell me about it in the comments.

And thanks for walking with me for these steps in my journey… I am glad you’re here.


☛ Frank and Ernest by Bob Thaves: “Paradigm Shift”, originally published on February 26, 1998. © 1998 by Thaves.

Why am I telling you all this?

I’ve felt compelled to share some of my history, simply because it continues to take me by surprise when people in my life now make comments like “Are you ever not smiling?” “Have you ever been unhappy?” “Do you ever get upset about anything?”

Because, of course things occur in my life and I don’t smile, and I feel sad, and I get upset. Heck, for a long time in my life, I “smiled” under such duress, I’m not sure I knew what a genuinely happy smile looked like/ felt like. I was so deeply unhappy, I couldn’t imagine there was anything else to be. And happy people looked so strange, and foreign; I decided they were fake. Or doing drugs. I was upset about damned near *everything* in my life.  I hurt, deep within the center of my being; I ached. And I hated it. And me. And everything.

And the events in my life have not magically changed. There are still things that are very sad and very challenging that happen in my life. What is different, is, oddly enough, that I fully experience them – no matter how crappy or even happy that they feel to me in the moment – I fully experience them when they happen. (We’ll talk about what that means, as we go along…)

I have come to realize that the pain and suffering that I felt to be the constant of my life, was occurring because – out of my fear of the pain and suffering – I was trying to NOT experience what was happening, fully. Heck, I was trying to NOT experience it, any at all. Hello!! It was crappy! Who would want to experience that fully? That would be fully crappy!!  Or so I thought.  And so I continued “living”  in this odd little story that I wanted to be happy, so I must push away, or push down, or choke on, every emotion that didn’t fit my definition of “happy” or “positive” or “good” or “right.”

I was flipping exhausted all the time, trying to stop all the “negative” “bad” “wrong” thoughts and emotions and events from occurring in my life. From occurring in me. And I was miserable. And the people I tried to love? Well, I’m guessing they were pretty miserable, too.  I say “tried to love,” because, tell me truly – how loving can a person be, when their core experience is misery?  Of course, there is love; of course there is caring; of course there is wanting the best for everyone that one loves…. But, again, how functional, how uplifting, how nurturing can “love” be, when it is sourced in a steady background of self-loathing and pain?

Does any of this sound any kind of familiar?  Now that I am not caught up in that matrix of misery, it is easy to see it around me, everyday; people continuing to do this crazy thing to themselves and the people they love, all the time.

And I am here, saying all of this, to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. That a shift is possible. And it is easy, if you want it. And the effects are transformational. And, while the focus is simply on your self – the ripple effects are impossible to stop!  This shift will impact your closest friends and relatives. And out into your community. And it will flipping Change The World.  And it is. Changing the World, that is.  And, if you come along for the ride – well, you can tell me if anything changes for you.  Talk to me, in the comments…

A New View of “Self-Responsibility”

In my previous post, I talked about my self-abusive take on “taking responsibility,” thinking that what I was doing was a shift from the self-blaming I seemed to naturally resort to in my life’s experiences. It took quite a bit of a change in perspective to realize that my so-called alternative to self-blaming was just as hurtful and self-misleading as self-blaming.  It took quite a bit of change in perspective to realize how horribly hurtful and damaging both of those approaches truly were – not just to my own self, but to everyone with whom I was in relationship.

A steady stream of self-hate does not nourish love. (yeah, go ahead and say “DUH!” – it’s true.) One who does not feel love for herself, cannot truly experience love for any one else.  (Does that seem as obvious to you?)  How would one have any idea what love and loving truly is, when the day to day experience of self-loathing is the major life experience?

In what was at first a slow evolution, I experienced a shift in the way I chose to interact with myself. I was so tired of being in so much emotional pain, for so long, all the time. I began to open up to the universe for the possibility of a different experience. I began to ask the universe for a different experience. And, amazingly, I began to have a different experience. And the shift occurred when I opened up to the possibility of Divine Grace.  My own version of “finding Jesus,” I guess.  Just no names… [half-grin]

My awareness of “responsibility” shifted, tremendously. New awareness: Response-ability. The ability to respond. To what is truly present. What’s different? Responding, instead of re-acting. To what is truly present, instead of to the stories I was telling myself about what was happening. These are way bigger insights than I can cover, in this post. We’ll definitely revisit, & drill deeper on this.

Anyway, some amazing things began to happen. I began to have glimpses, feelings of unbounded love, happiness, joy.   I learned about such things as energy healing (reiki, shamballah, accupressure, healing touch, and more).  I began to explore the idea, and limits, of consciousness (I checked out the Monroe Institute, Remote Viewing, MultiDimensional Healing, and others).  And my life shifted exponentially.

Stay tuned – we’ll talk more…  What kinds of shifts of awareness/ perception have you experienced? How has it changed your life (or has it?)?

You gotta love this: as I was writing this post, a friend posted this image on facebook:  [full grin!]


Trouble in the -hoods: Huge, Painful Mis-understanding….

It has been revolutionary for me to realize that there is a huge difference between “taking responsibility” and blaming myself.

For a very long time, my go-to response when something went wrong was to blame myself. I was stupid. I was wrong. I did the wrong thing. I said the wrong thing.   This would then spiral into a long, often incredibly drawn out, constant, ever-deepening self-loathing. What a worthless, despicable, horrible person/ waste of oxygen and space on this planet I felt myself to be.  I am not exaggerating. It was/ I was brutal.  To me. Constantly.  And, if, for any reason, things went well, it was source for instant “impostor syndrome” – people just don’t realize that I am worthless, despicable and horrible, or they wouldn’t be supporting me…..

I would swing back and forth, between “building myself up” and feeling totally valueless and defeated.  Reading self-help book after self-help book; gobbling up articles in magazines (that’s what we read back then,  kids…)  about how to be a better… friend, employee, person… anything/everything — just knowing that I totally needed to NOT BE ME, to somehow be better than that.

So I’d go from blaming myself – this is all my fault and I’m such a miserable excuse of a person; to “taking responsibility” – yes, I’m a miserable excuse of a person, but, see I’m trying to improve myself.

Are you getting a sense of a problem, there? Well, there are lots of them – but here’s the one I’m drilling at: what I was calling taking responsibility was just another version of blaming myself.  Do you see that?  Holy f-in’ moly!!  I was never going to get out of that pit that I just kept digging for myself, no matter what I called it.

It went on for years – throughout childhood, adolescence, adulthood, wife-hood, motherhood, divorce-hood.  It was rampant in every “hood” I went through. Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Suicidal behaviors. Vicious, brutal self-loathing, permeating every cell of my being. Feeling un-lovable, unless I was being what someone else wanted me to be, because who I thought I was, was so ugly and uncomfortable for me. Trying to love and be loving, but, without that experience of my own, with myself, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT REALLY WAS!

So, did anything/ could anything/ can anything ever change?

YES – something changed for me!  All sourced in a shift of perception. And the shift in perception allowed me the clarity to see that there is a better, more helpful, more loving, more holistic way of “taking responsibility,” and Oh. My. – yes, I’ll say it: God.  This shift has changed my life.  And I tell you, it can change yours, too.

Anything here resonate with you?  Stick with me as I continue to examine these shifts and experiences – and tell me about your own experiences, in the comments.

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Journey to Oneness Retreat at Kripalu in December!

kripalu2013At Kripalu in Massachusetts – December 12-15, 2013.

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Oneness Awakening Course RESCHEDULED: Feb. 7 & 8, 2014

Oneness Awakening Course

Friday, February 7th 6 pm-8 pm  and  Saturday, February 8th   9am-9pm 

Presented by Mahaal Ajallahb and Elizabeth Barron

certified trainers of the Oneness University in India

This is an intensive weekend focused on Awakening to Oneness. The Oneness process opens up our hearts and senses to experience more fully the richness of life in all of its manifestations, from the immediacy of the present to the transcendence of the Divine.

  • Learn a practice for awareness and happiness in your inner and outer life
  • Experience an ancient technique to deepen your experience of Divine Grace
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Schedule for the Day 

(10:00 am to 10:30 am coffee and continental breakfast)

 10:30 am          Welcome and Introductions 

                          Intro to Oneness & Discussion  

                          (Q and A)

 11:30 am          Meditation

 12:00 to 12:30  Darshan with Sri AmmaBhagavan

 12:30 to 12:45  Webcast Meditation w/

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 12:45 to 1:30    Potluck Lunch

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                          Awakened Conversation

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   1:45 to 2:30    21 Deeksha (Oneness Blesssings)

   2:30 to 3:30    OM/OAD  

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Ancestral Healing Process in Central Maine

Ancestral Healing Process

with Elizabeth and Mahaal

 in Waterville, ME on Saturday, 24 August 2013

at the Hospice Community Center ~ 304 Main Street ~ Waterville, ME 04901


 Throughout history and prehistory, there has been an awareness about the important role of the Ancestors in our lives. Many cultures have practices that incorporate this awareness.

Here in the Golden Age through Oneness, we have a golden opportunity to assist our Ancestors so that they can better assist us for the highest benefit of ~ALL~ involved.

The teachings and processes of Oneness now impart to us how we can assist our Ancestors so they can help us in a myriad of ways for a better life, on many levels.

By way of our Personal Divine & Divine Intelligence we will access technologies based on the premise of Oneness.

Benefits will be experienced in all aspects of our lives: karmically, in our relationships, financially, in our health and wellness, with our children, grand children and much more.

The benefits of this process also affect humanity’s liberation and all the promises of Oneness.

This process is open to all – previous experience with Oneness processes is not necessary.

9 hour program. (8 am – 5 pm) $80.00 per person. August 24th. In WATERVILLE, ME

Preregistration required:

For more information:



Saturday, August 10 in Hyannis, MA – a double Oneness Meditation with Andy Migner and Mahaal. Evening will include Oneness Awakened Deeksha!  At the Unity of Cape Cod from 7 – 9 pm   Click on the link to register!!

Oneness Meditation is a powerful meditation where Divine Energies are transmitted to help awaken the spiritual energies within you. This very sacred Blessing offers you the opportunity to free the mind effortlessly and wake up to the magic and beauty of life. Flowing through the eyes of the Oneness Meditator, Oneness Meditation creates a neurobiological shift that naturally accelerates the Awakening process.

Oneness Meditation is for everyone. It is secular and given in silence. There is nothing for you to do except receive the blessing. No prior experience of Oneness events is needed. People from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all faiths, are experiencing dramatic change and improvements in their lives through this Meditation.

Oneness Meditation was released at the beginning of 2012, to assist with the planetary shift in consciousness. Originated from the Oneness University, it is part of a global phenomenon which is taking many forms. Oneness Meditation brings you and your community the experience of Oneness, One Love, One Consciousness, One with all that is. It is helping to start a chain reaction, that creates a critical mass for a shift towards setting you and all of humanity totally free.

Oneness Meditation is not about any teaching, belief or philosophy. It’s about your Awakening. This is for YOU.


Back from travels, let’s Livestream!

Thursday 1 August, 8:00 pm Eastern Time – a Oneness Awakened Deeksha with Elizabeth and Mahaal, and a Oneness Meditation with Mahaal.