Good Morning


Good morning, joy.

Good morning, peace.

Good morning, love.

Rest in gratitude as we greet each other.

Good morning, breathing.

Good morning, heart beating.

Good morning, body. Stretching. Relaxing.

Rest in the embrace of the Divine, Divine Grace filling and lifting every aspect of our being.

Greet the Day – Move through the Day – heart smiling in the full flow of Divine Grace.


– Integral Real

In the midst of challenge: Grow Your Sparkle.

Today’s Focus:

*You* be the Light in Life.  Bring your awareness to your heart. Breathe slowly and deeply into your heart: see your heart fill with bright, sparkling light. As you inhale – your heartlight grows brighter and clearer. As you exhale, this beautiful light radiates outward from your heart, filling every cell of your be-ing, filling the space all around you.
Walk in this light all day. Trail this light – FILL this light – into every space you enter. Paint this day with your Heart’s SPARKLE!!!     Annnnd – Go!