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CLASS on TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2019 – from 10:30 am-10:30 pm

We are deep in preparations for the One Day Journey into Awakening/ Happiness  – perhaps you are feeling that you are in preparation, as well?!  

Are you feeling called to a place of centering and self-care? Here is one amazing way to respond!

Signing up for this retreat, you are signing up to a deep and loving commitment to yourself! And the shifts and transformations begin from the time you sign up.

There are still a few spots left!  Register here:

This day is self-care in its deepest, most fulfilling sense. It will bring you the opportunity to experience the deep stillness that resides in the center of your being – to transform some of the issues and patterns that have been keeping you stuck, stressed, and in inner and outer conflict – and to step into the flow of life and living that brings great joy, happiness, peace, relief from suffering – and success in a way you may never have thought of or experienced success before.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for the day of the Retreat:

* You must be on time!  And your commitment to yourself is to stay for the entire program. Arrive by 9:45 am to register and get oriented to the layout of the event center, and get settled in. The class will begin at 10:30 am.

* The class is scheduled to end at 10:30 pm, however, it is likely that we will finish earlier than that.

* Only water is allowed in the Carriage House, where the program is being held. No food should be brought into/ consumed in this space – consider this our sanctuary for the day.

* There will be several breaks during the day – fresh fruit and light snacks, along with coffee and teas will be available. Lunch/Dinner break will consist of a buffet with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. (This is provided as a part of your registration fee.)

* If you have special health needs, please bring what you need to keep yourself well.

* Remember to dress comfortably!  Layers are helpful, to help keep you at a comfortable temperature in the event space. If you want to take your shoes off during the program, make sure to have some comfy, warm socks or slippers for your feet.


* You might want to bring a blanket or shawl, in case it is cool in the room. You can also roll it up and use it for additional back support while sitting in your chair.

* You could also bring a cushion to place in your chair to make your seat more comfortable.

* If you think you would like to sit on the floor for some part of this process, bring a cushion or mat or backjack for your comfort.

* Bring a notebook and pen.

* Bring a refillable water bottle if you would like – there will be glasses available, as well.

It is a long day. There are still rooms at the Inn – right where the event is being held!

Overnight accommodations available at Maple Hill for Monday and/or Tuesday nights – reservations can be made online at or call Innkeeper directly at 1-800-622-2708. Mention that you are attending the Journey Into Awakening program with Mahaal and Elizabeth.

(Additional hotel rooms available at the Augusta Quality Inn, 3 miles from the Conference Center, right off Rt 95. (Exit 109)  (Other great hotels in the area, too – Senator Inn, Homewood Suites, Hampton Inn, and more!))


All the best,

Elizabeth and Mahaal


Cherry blossoms, blue sky, radiant sun, and orbs of light
Let the sunshine in.

Feeling Hurt

woman. wrapped in blanket. thoughtful. pensive.

Our days take on the timbre of our inner state of being. If we are feeling hurts and pains – physical, emotional, or spiritual – the whole day can feel hurt-full. Interactions with others can feel hurtful. Our very thoughts can be hurtful – towards ourselves and others. And just being alone can turn into a stew of hurt, anger, and remorse.

It’s ok to feel hurt!  We don’t need to talk our way out of it, or justify why we feel hurt.  Often, it doesn’t even do much good to “figure out why.”  Simply acknowledging that we feel hurt, is a powerful and healing thing!

Give yourself some space and safety to see and experience that you are feeling hurt.

Bring your awareness into your heart. Breathing in, see your heart filling in bright, sparkling light. Breathing out, this light expands through every cell of your Be-ing. Breathing in, your heartlight grows ever brighter. Breathing out, your heartlight expands.  Allow yourself to see how you feel hurt. Let the hurt come up, and shine your heartlight on it: and just see it. Feel it. Be with it. No need to get caught up in the story of “why” you feel hurt, or assigning blame, or even in thinking how to stop it: just see it, feel it, and keep on breathing.

During this process you may become aware of more of the stories and situations surrounding this hurt.  Don’t let your self get caught up in those – just notice what ever comes up, shine your heartlight on it, and let it float on… 

THAT’S IT. Just notice. You’re not going to try to change anything right now. You are simply bringing the hurt you are experiencing into your full awareness, into your heartlight. Each time you notice a hurt, gently take another deep, deep breath into your heart. Follow with a slow and steady breath out. And keep moving on with your day. And keep shining your heartlight.  Ready. Steady. Go!

Bring your awareness into your heart. Breathing in, see your heart filling in bright, sparkling light. Breathing out, this light expands through every cell of your being. Breathing in, your heartlight grows ever brighter.Breathing out, your heartlight expands.

Now visualize the entire earth and all beings living in, on, and around the earth in the center of this heartlight, filling with the light of love with every in breath. The earth and every being becoming clearer and brighter with every out breath.

Tap into your sense of gratitude and appreciation, and expand this feeling into the earth and the life she sustains.

Move through every moment of your day in this flow of gratitude and appreciation.

How does developing this awareness and approach shift your interactions and perceptions of life and living?

Today’s Focus:

*You* be the Light in Life.  Bring your awareness to your heart. Breathe slowly and deeply into your heart: see your heart fill with bright, sparkling light. As you inhale – your heartlight grows brighter and clearer. As you exhale, this beautiful light radiates outward from your heart, filling every cell of your be-ing, filling the space all around you.
Walk in this light all day. Trail this light – FILL this light – into every space you enter. Paint this day with your Heart’s SPARKLE!!!     Annnnd – Go!


background-celbrationCommunity Gathering and Divine Light Meditation with Elizabeth and Mahaal

June 3, 2018, noon-2:30 pm

More info/ register here


Constant Being


You have to see and meet God in this life.
Don’t let this life go by
and miss discovering the Supreme One.
You will find him inside as your constant being.

~ Mooji

Responding in a World of Conflict

mindbubblesBeloved, take a deep breath in. Rest. Let a deep breath out. Rest.

Keep breathing, slowly – – pushing your belly out as you breathe in, filling your lungs deeply. Rest on the full in-breath for a moment. And deep, slow breath out, as your belly contracts.

Rest in that moment of emptiness. And then inhale-exhale again. Three or four deep breaths. Then let your breaths relax into their own rhythm.

Bring your awareness to your heart. Bring your awareness to the Light of Divine Grace.

And notice how you are feeling ~ everything you are experiencing. Keep breathing. Keep present with Divine Grace. And keep experiencing.

If thoughts arise, let them pass. Blow them away on your out breath.

The most important thing you can do right now is experience. Without Labels. Without trying to sort out reasons. SIMPLY… Feel what you are feeling. And keep breathing.

As emotions arise – there is nothing to “do” with them – simply *be* with them, experience them. Refrain from labeling them. And breathe in the Light of Grace.

As this process unfolds, a sense of quiet begins to grow. Subtly, at first. Notice as it grows and spreads throughout your Being.

It is from this quiet, this peace, that clarity of response arises.

Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out, and gently, heartfully, go forth into the day in the absolute strength of the Light of Grace.

Annd, Go…



My wish and prayer is that joy and happiness be deeply contagious.

No fault.

eyewitnessIn life, take the attitude that everything
is already as it should be, just as it is,
and find fault with nothing,
but respond to everything naturally.
There is no need to identify yourself
as any particular person.
Just stay aware and conscious of your awareness
and witness the marvellousness of life.

~ Mooji

Investment Advice.


Direct your energy into the loving, joyful experiences you are choosing; invest your energy in that which benefits the All, in Love. The returns are the change in the world you’ve been hoping for.

One Heart. One Love.


You can only come to the final recognition
that you are the Heart itself.
Heart and yourself are one reality.
That alone will end your quest
and give unending satisfaction to your heart.

~ Mooji