The 5 Ds

Dhyana, Dialogue, Deeksha & Dancing with the Divine~

Dhyana: Meditation; Dialogue: sharing of ideas and experiences; Deeksha: the Oneness Blessing; Dancing with the Divine: in every aspect of our be-ing, engaging with an ever-deepening, ever-more-joyful relationship with the Divine.  Join us as we support each other in this discovery (oooh – another “D”!!).

Contact us for information about when we are starting the next series.

For those participating in the series:  This is where we’ll be sharing different video and music files as we go through the series. Please use the comments section for your questions, comments and feedback. (When you make your first comment, it will have to be “approved” before it shows up; once one of your comments has been approved, any other comments you make will appear on the blog as you make them.)

Direct private comments/ questions to us via email: elizabeth (at) integralreal (dot) com.

here is the Chakra Dhyana intro recording:

And you can link through to each of the chakra chants in order:

(please note that the recording begins immediately – prepare your volume accordingly!)

Chakra Mooladhara (lang)

Chakra Swadhisthana (vang)

Chakra Manipura (rang) (also chanted in intro)

Chakra Anahata (yang)

Chakra Vishuddhi (hang)

Chakra Ajneya (aum)

Chakra Sahasrara (ogum satyam om)

And here is a simple, peaceful chanting of each chakra:



here is the Moola Mantra Invocation by Deva Premal:

Om, Sat chit ananda, Parabramha

Purushothama, Paramatma

Sri Bhagavati Sametha

Sri Bhagavate Namaha


and here is Bliss, by Yogini:

~In Joy!~

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    • Thanks, Maryanne ~ appreciate the feedback! let me know if you think of ways this could be even more helpful… ~ In Joy~ E.

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