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Moola Mantra

Deva Premal Moola Mantra

Om. Sat chit ananda. Parabramha. Purushotama. Paramatma.

Sri Bhagavati sametha Sri Bhagavate. Namaha.

Moola Mantra 2

Om Shreem Sarveshwaraaya Namaha
(Salutations to the ‘All that Is’)
Om Shreem Param Jyotiye Namaha
(Salutations to The Supreme Light)
Om Shreem Param Premaaya Namaha
(Salutations to The Supreme Love)
Om Shreem  Param Kaarunyaaya Namaha
(Salutations to The Supreme Compassion)
Om Shreem  Param Pavitraaya Namaha 
(Salutations to The Supremely Sacred)

Listen Here

Chakra Dhyana


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