Good Morning


Good morning, joy.

Good morning, peace.

Good morning, love.

Rest in gratitude as we greet each other.

Good morning, breathing.

Good morning, heart beating.

Good morning, body. Stretching. Relaxing.

Rest in the embrace of the Divine, Divine Grace filling and lifting every aspect of our being.

Greet the Day – Move through the Day – heart smiling in the full flow of Divine Grace.


– Integral Real

Trouble in the -hoods: Huge, Painful Mis-understanding….

It has been revolutionary for me to realize that there is a huge difference between “taking responsibility” and blaming myself.

For a very long time, my go-to response when something went wrong was to blame myself. I was stupid. I was wrong. I did the wrong thing. I said the wrong thing.   This would then spiral into a long, often incredibly drawn out, constant, ever-deepening self-loathing. What a worthless, despicable, horrible person/ waste of oxygen and space on this planet I felt myself to be.  I am not exaggerating. It was/ I was brutal.  To me. Constantly.  And, if, for any reason, things went well, it was source for instant “impostor syndrome” – people just don’t realize that I am worthless, despicable and horrible, or they wouldn’t be supporting me…..

I would swing back and forth, between “building myself up” and feeling totally valueless and defeated.  Reading self-help book after self-help book; gobbling up articles in magazines (that’s what we read back then,  kids…)  about how to be a better… friend, employee, person… anything/everything — just knowing that I totally needed to NOT BE ME, to somehow be better than that.

So I’d go from blaming myself – this is all my fault and I’m such a miserable excuse of a person; to “taking responsibility” – yes, I’m a miserable excuse of a person, but, see I’m trying to improve myself.

Are you getting a sense of a problem, there? Well, there are lots of them – but here’s the one I’m drilling at: what I was calling taking responsibility was just another version of blaming myself.  Do you see that?  Holy f-in’ moly!!  I was never going to get out of that pit that I just kept digging for myself, no matter what I called it.

It went on for years – throughout childhood, adolescence, adulthood, wife-hood, motherhood, divorce-hood.  It was rampant in every “hood” I went through. Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Suicidal behaviors. Vicious, brutal self-loathing, permeating every cell of my being. Feeling un-lovable, unless I was being what someone else wanted me to be, because who I thought I was, was so ugly and uncomfortable for me. Trying to love and be loving, but, without that experience of my own, with myself, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT REALLY WAS!

So, did anything/ could anything/ can anything ever change?

YES – something changed for me!  All sourced in a shift of perception. And the shift in perception allowed me the clarity to see that there is a better, more helpful, more loving, more holistic way of “taking responsibility,” and Oh. My. – yes, I’ll say it: God.  This shift has changed my life.  And I tell you, it can change yours, too.

Anything here resonate with you?  Stick with me as I continue to examine these shifts and experiences – and tell me about your own experiences, in the comments.

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What is the difference between Awakening and the Awakened State?

Bhagavan, what is the difference between Awakening and the Awakened State?

Answer: The Awakened State is like different seasons, which come and go. But Awakening has something to do with the brain chemistry and physiology.
For eg. If you eat lots of rice, you will feel lethargic and sleepy. This is because of the secretion of a certain chemical called dopamine. Similar thing happens when you consume alcohol or drugs, or sex etc. Alcohol and drugs also triggers the release of certain chemicals like these because of which you experience those altered states. These Experiences will give you some nice feelings but it is TEMPORARY, don’t forget that this is also an ESCAPE ROUTE which you are using to escape to see what is within… that is why many go for drinks, drugs, sex and all sorts of pleasure, but it is TEMPORARY & of course, they have its own side-effects, you can continue if you wish to, but then you must also be ready to face the consequences of the side-effects which comes along with it.

The problem is that man is suffering. Buddha had said that ‘ All Existence is Suffering’ , meaning that all that is existing is suffering. Oneness also says the same thing, that ‘ All Existence is Suffering’, but the context here is different. When we say all existence is suffering, we mean that, If you feel that you exist, there is suffering ! When the other comes into existence, there is separateness and this leads to feelings such as fear, anxiety, worry etc. There are the three kinds of suffering – Physical, Psychological and existential. The Primordial Suffering is that of Separateness and humanity wants to come out of this primordial suffering. To end this sense of separateness, man has created many routes like getting married, begetting children, job, alcohol, sex, drugs etc. But the problem is that alcohol, sex, drugs, apart from costing you money can give you only temporary states. When the states come through alcohol, drugs, sex etc, there is a change in the brain chemistry, because of which the sense of separateness vanishes. However, the altered states that you experience through these means are not permanent.

Awakening is a change in the brain physiology. It’s a neurobiological process, where the frontal lobes, which are like antenna to God, are activated and the parietal lobes are deactivated.

Now, what you should do is, anchor you awakened state to either the padukas, or Srimurthy or to the moolamantra, during the super process. If you couldn’t do it during the super process, attend the super process again and keep attending it until you are able to anchor you awakened state . You can take a photo of the padukas or the Srimurthy, for visual anchoring. Anchor the state through either sight or sound or smell and then use these means to get back that state later. Anchoring should be such that when you see a picture of the Srimurthy or the padukas od listen to the moolamantra or smell agarbatti(Incense stick) , you get back to that Awakened state. Continue this for 4-6 months. If you do this, the brain physiology will change and this change will be permanent!!