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background-celbrationCommunity Gathering and Divine Light Meditation with Elizabeth and Mahaal

June 3, 2018, noon-2:30 pm

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Constant Being


You have to see and meet God in this life.
Don’t let this life go by
and miss discovering the Supreme One.
You will find him inside as your constant being.

~ Mooji

Responding in a World of Conflict

mindbubblesBeloved, take a deep breath in. Rest. Let a deep breath out. Rest.

Keep breathing, slowly – – pushing your belly out as you breathe in, filling your lungs deeply. Rest on the full in-breath for a moment. And deep, slow breath out, as your belly contracts.

Rest in that moment of emptiness. And then inhale-exhale again. Three or four deep breaths. Then let your breaths relax into their own rhythm.

Bring your awareness to your heart. Bring your awareness to the Light of Divine Grace.

And notice how you are feeling ~ everything you are experiencing. Keep breathing. Keep present with Divine Grace. And keep experiencing.

If thoughts arise, let them pass. Blow them away on your out breath.

The most important thing you can do right now is experience. Without Labels. Without trying to sort out reasons. SIMPLY… Feel what you are feeling. And keep breathing.

As emotions arise – there is nothing to “do” with them – simply *be* with them, experience them. Refrain from labeling them. And breathe in the Light of Grace.

As this process unfolds, a sense of quiet begins to grow. Subtly, at first. Notice as it grows and spreads throughout your Being.

It is from this quiet, this peace, that clarity of response arises.

Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out, and gently, heartfully, go forth into the day in the absolute strength of the Light of Grace.

Annd, Go…



My wish and prayer is that joy and happiness be deeply contagious.

No fault.

eyewitnessIn life, take the attitude that everything
is already as it should be, just as it is,
and find fault with nothing,
but respond to everything naturally.
There is no need to identify yourself
as any particular person.
Just stay aware and conscious of your awareness
and witness the marvellousness of life.

~ Mooji

Investment Advice.


Direct your energy into the loving, joyful experiences you are choosing; invest your energy in that which benefits the All, in Love. The returns are the change in the world you’ve been hoping for.

One Heart. One Love.


You can only come to the final recognition
that you are the Heart itself.
Heart and yourself are one reality.
That alone will end your quest
and give unending satisfaction to your heart.

~ Mooji

Continuation ~ Reunion


Deep down, we know that birth is not a beginning, but a continuation. We acknowledge that death is not an ending, but a continuation. Our hearts know the truth: Life itself is eternal. Taking form in this human shape is but one experience we can have in the vastness of life, expressing itself.

“Who Am I?” We live our life in this inquiry.

There is great joy when we have the experience of this truth: We ARE the light of life. The light of life is who we truly are. When we accept and allow this truth, the light of life emanates forth from the center of our being, lighting the world.

This body that is born and grows and gets worn and weary – this body is a temporary suit we step into for these experiences that we call life. It is not *who* we are – and it is not meant to *limit* who we are. This body, and the consciousness that comes with it, provide a context for our experience of life.

And discovering who we are – beyond these bodies, beyond these thoughts and beliefs, beyond the personalities and self-concepts we have cultivated – remembering who we truly are, is the joyous reunion of Self to Source.

Is the World too Cold?

rounded earth raysSometimes the world just seems too cold!

Bring your awareness to your heart. Breathe in, deeply. Notice how you are feeling.

Does the world seem too cold?  Breathe out, deeply.

On the next deep inhale, bring your image of the whole world into your heart. See, feel, imagine, experience your heart – and the world – filling with clear, bright, warm, golden light. Hold your breath for a few moments, and experience the light and warmth building in the heart of your being.

Exhale slowly. See, feel, imagine, experience every cell of your being, every living cell of the world, getting gently washed with the expanding golden light.

Repeat this deep breathing and visualization a few times. Then let your breathing return to its own pattern.

Smile gently into your heart, and move in this WARM golden light throughout the day.


In the Space Between

floating in space

Today’s Challenge:  Rest in the Strength of the Space Between

Gently place your awareness into your heart. Breathing in deeply, see your heart filling in bright, sparkling light. Breathing out fullly, this light expands through every cell of your being. Breathing in, your heartlight grows ever brighter. Breathing out, your heartlight expands ever further.

Notice the space between your breaths – that moment of stillness between the in breath and the out breath. Between the out breath and the in breath.  Let this stillness begin to build. Feel the deep rest, the limitlessness, of this space between. Allow your heart and soul to relax here, in this space between. Remain with this experience for a few moments.

Imagine your day unfolding, and experience yourself moving through this day, strong and steady in this stillness, no matter what comes up. With a full deep breath in and a full deep breath out: Step forth boldy into your day. 

Annnd: Go!


mario-purisic-52769 people

Today’s Challenge: Feel and experience gratitude for your ancestors.

We have not arrived here alone! These bodies we wear are the result of our ancestors’ dna.  There is *much* that we inherit, programmed into this dna that has shaped itself into the “I” we think we are.

Whether or not you know/knew your biological ancestors – Whether or not you feel that you have/had good experiences with them – Today shine your heartlight on them.

Bring your awareness into your heart. Breathing in, see your heart filling in bright, sparkling light. Breathing out, this light expands through every cell of your Be-ing. Breathing in, your heartlight grows ever brighter. Breathing out, your heartlight expands.

Take a few moments in this light, and call forth your ancestors into your heart. Parents, grandparents – maybe even further back. Bring those who have come before you, into your heartlight. As you breathe, see them filling with light. Express your gratitude to those present in your heart, and wish them well. Allow yourself to remain with this experience for some time. If you encounter any resistance in this process, simply notice that.

Take another deep breath into your heart – experiencing gratitude for yourself. And express a grateful breath out.

Move in your heartlight throughout your day.  Annnnd: Go!

Photo by Mario Purisic on Unsplash

Be the ~Heart Light~

light fiber-optic-2749588_1280

Let’s bring our loving heartlight into every moment of this day.

Breathe i-n-n-n-n-n. Breathe o-o-o-o-o-ut.

Bring your awareness into the center of  your heart. With each breath in, see your heart filled with brilliant, clear, sparkling light- growing brighter and stronger. With each breath out, see this brilliant, clear, sparkling light expand through every cell of your be-ing.  Breathing in, the light becomes more brilliant, more clear. Breathing out, even the space around you becomes filled with this vibrant light.

Let your heartlight fill you and move your through your day, and fill every space you enter. Annnnd: Go!